19 Jun 2009

Ghostsigns (two years on)

So Wednesday marked the end of the second year in the life of this blog/website and I’m still quite amazed at how far things have come in such a short space of time. Last year I marked the first birthday with a video montage of some of my favourite signs collected. This year I’m offering up a little retrospective linking to some of my personal highlights from each of the last 24 months.

June 2007- The blog opens

Little did I know what I was getting into, this was by far my most prolific month as everything I’d been collecting was brought online for the first time. (More from this month)

July 2007 – Peterkin mystery
The first of many pieces of investigative work, this time on the well known Peterkin Custard sign from Clapham/Battersea. (More from this month)

August 2007 – Redferns double bill
The first of many ‘reveals’ caused by the replacement of billboards, one that was leapt on by many fellow enthusiasts. (More from this month)

September 2007 – Me on TV
An amazing piece of publicity for the project which caused the most visits to this site in a single days. (More from this month)

October 2007 – Colossal Media video
It was fantastice to discover this short documentary film showcasing the work of this company that are keeping the craft alive in USA. (More from this month)

November 2007 – Literary London article
The first and most thorough article that I’ve been involved with. (More from this month)

December 2007 – Landmarks Commission hearing
A pivotal moment in my thinking around the preservation debate. (More from this month)

January 2008 – Living St Louis video
Another great little documentary, this time featuring William Stage. (More from this month)

February 2008 – Jerry Johnson, Walldog
Another example of the craft being kept alive in USA, albeit tongue in cheek. (More from this month)

March 2008 – It’s all Art
One of many artists using ghostsigns as a springboard for their own creativity. (More from this month)

April 2008 – Leicester ghostsigns
The beginning of the national network of ghostsign enthusiasts, in this case Amy from Leicester. (More from this month)

May 2008 – Herbrand Street mural
A short lived discovery which became something of a story in the local media. (More from this month)

June 2008 – Me on radio
Another great piece of publicity, this time with London anorak Robert Elms on the BBC. (More from this month)

July & August 2008 – Holiday
Every ghostsign enthusiast needs a break!

September 2008 – Stuart Free
Another artist with ghostsign influences, this time I got one of his pieces as a birthday present. (More from this month)

October 2008 – Window painting
I only made one post in the whole of October, I can only guess my new job and dissertation were taking up my time.

November 2008 – Boyd Pianos reprise
Just when you thought it had gone, hey presto its back! (More from this month)

December 2008 – Emmanuel Nouaillier
Another artistic discovery, this time operating out of France and working in miniature. (More from this month)

January 2009 – Ultrabold article
My second major article, this time in print. (More from this month)

February 2009 – Oxford Times article
A quiet month but the nationwide interest was again apparent in this short piece from Oxford. (More from this month)

March 2009 – Google street view
Not only is it fun to put in your home and work address but you can also use this technology to check out ghostsigns from all over the country. (More from this month)

April 2009 – Jack Daniel’s hunt
The nationwide search for the new Jack Daniel’s signs has produced some great results from all over the country. (More from this month)

May 2009 – Booze & Fags video
The first of my video montages to celebrate the work being done by everyone on the archive project. (More from this month)

June 2009 – Time Out blog
Another piece of publicity but this time focussed on my own personal interest and journey. (More from this month)

Next up…
I will continue to write and the focus for the next six months is getting the archive off the ground. Watch this space.

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