About Ghostsigns

Since 2006, Sam Roberts’ Ghostsigns initiative has been documenting ghost signs, and championing their heritage value. (‘Ghost’ signs are the fading remains of hand-painted advertising, typically found on walls.)

In addition to writing extensively on the topic, Sam’s work on ghost signs has included the curation of a national archive, illuminating them at night, leading walking tours, and a variety of other local, national, and international initiatives.

Sam’s expertise is regularly sought out by press, academics, students, and members of the public. He consistently embraces collaboration, and the vast majority of his work in this area has been carried out in a voluntary capacity.

The following are some frequently asked questions with links to useful resources to explore the themes in more depth, many from the blog. If you want to get deeper into the topic after this then the best place to start would be the book, Ghost Signs: A London Story.

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