3 Jun 2012

History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive

The History of Advertising Trust (HAT) Ghostsigns Archive is a free, searchable, online collection of hundreds of ghost signs from across the UK and Ireland. I curated the first iteration of the archive, which launched on 18 March 2010.

HAT is now responsible for the day-to-day management of the archive, and photographers can make contributions via this page on their website, with queries to enquiries@hatads.org.uk.

Ghostsigns Submissions

The Ghostsigns blog, my Mastodon account (#ghostsigns), and the newsletter (below) are where I share my ongoing research and things of interest.

You can tag me on Mastodon with your discoveries, or send them to sam@ghostsigns.co.uk. Where possible, please include details such as: file name; date of photo; advertised brand; street name, city and country: photographer name/credit; URL for online credits; any background research and useful links.

When emailing, the following text in the body of the email helps make it clear that you’re happy for me to share your work:

I certify that the attached photo(s) are my own work and that I own full copyright for their use. I grant to Ghostsigns, free of charge, permission to use the images in any way Ghostsigns wants, including modifying and adapting them for operational and editorial reasons, for publication in any media worldwide, including the Ghostsigns website which is accessed by international users. I also give permission to Ghostsigns to license these images for use by trusted third parties to support the future research efforts of Ghostsigns. In granting these permissions I retain the full copyright of these photo and will inform Ghostsigns of any changes to my position as the copyright owner.

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