27 Jun 2008

Ghost Signs on Radio

Listen here.

If you’re not familiar with the show it features lots of good music but also has a regular slot where you can call in with something ‘mysterious’ you’ve spotted around London and other listeners then phone in to help unravel the mystery. A couple of weeks ago they were talking about the Herbrand Street Mural which we now know all about [Since since expired] but, at the time, this site was coming up as the number one hit in Google searches for “Herbrand Street Mural”. There was a visible ‘spike’ in the visitor numbers to this site which I then learned was from listeners trying to find stuff out. On the back of this I contacted the show, hence today’s appearance.

I’m not sure what we’ll be talking about but it’ll be interesting to attempt to convey what is quite a visual subject through a sound only medium. I’m sure we’ll touch on some classic London signs so to follow are some pictures to add to your listening experience!

Date: Friday, 27th June
Time: 12.40pm
Station: BBC London, 94.9fm

Scales & Weights, Kings Cross
Little Crown Court Tailor, Soho
Fount Pens, Stoke Newington
Gillette, Spitalfields
K&M Larn, Kentish Town
Picture Post, Stockwell
Ariel, Kennington
Black Cat, Old Street
Blooms Pianos, Shoreditch
Bovril, Brixton
Boyd Pianos, Dalston

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