25 May 2008

Herbrand Street ‘Mural’

Herbrand Street Mural

Biking home along the now congested cycle lanes in Bloomsbury I couldn’t help noticing this huge mural on the side of the terrace at the corner of Herbrand Street and Tavistock Place.

I went back to it the next day with my camera and took these pictures. At the same time I went up to the wall for a closer inspection and found that it isn’t painted onto the wall despite appearing this way. It is in fact some form of giant poster, stuck onto the brickwork. If you were feeling malicious you could even peel it off as it is coming away at the bottom already.

I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of this piece of work is. It doesn’t seem to be advertising anything, there is no indication of who produced it and there is nothing to suggest it is supported by any arts body who might be responsible for this type of public display. What I did notice as I stopped to take these pictures was just how many other people were also stopping and looking at this spontaneous creation. It was provoking discussion and questions and I wonder if such a move by an advertiser would gain a similar, or less positive response?

(PS. Since writing the above the mystery has been solved!)

It probably won’t be there for long so do go for a look.

Herbrand Street Mural Detail

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