20 Oct 2013

Inch & Co Chemists Inspires Poetry

Fading painted sign on wall for Inch & Co Chemists
Kennington Park Road

Coming back from my visit to South London I also spotted this ghostsign advertising Inch & Co Cash Chemists on Kennington Park Road. As I was trying to recall the location I searched for the company name and found a couple of references to it on the Formerly blog. The sign has provided a springboard for the creation of a poem which is recited by Tamar Yoseloff below. This (for me) is a new form of artistic expression stimulated by ghostsigns.

Here are some additional references to the sign and poem, and my close-up photo of the ghostsign:

This poem and the accompanying photo sit alongside other ghostsigns and derelict signage in the Formerly book.

Fading painted sign on wall for Inch & Co Chemists

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