Month: July 2007

Southborough Butchers

Driving back to London from a wedding this weekend I pulled over in Southborough to take a picture of this sign. It’s obviously been maintained and I like the effect used on the corners.  Like the Vaneers ad it features an old style phone number, this one for Tunbridge Wells 529 757. However, my favourite …

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John Browns Whiskies Ghostsign Stoke Newington

John Brown’s Whiskies

Yesterday I hopped on the bike and went out to follow up some leads given to me by friends. On my way to the first sign, the great Spitalfields Gillette, I went past three or four in the same area that I hadn’t expected to see.  This is generally the nature of ‘hunting’, that new …

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Literary London Ghostsigns Presentation

Literary London

Today Sebastian Groes and I presented a session on Ghost Signs to c.40 international delegates at the Literary London conference.  This is an event run by the Literary London journal and the key focus this year was representations of London in literature. Despite some technical difficulties early on we eventually got the projector working, albeit …

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Guinness is good for you Cardiff

Guinness & John Gilroy

One way in which brickads are revealed is when an adjoining building is demolished. The standard of preservation in these cases is often emaculate, as the sign has been protected from the elements and sandblasters.  This example from Cardiff in the long running Guinness campaign is in fantastic condition and the question is whether it …

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Ghost Signs Live (India?)

Painting Wall-Ads Originally uploaded by .Hessam In a flurry of discoveries on the painting of Modern Brickads I came across this from .Hessam.  It again shows an intricate sign being produced and you can see the artist’s miniture design sheet perched against the wall in front of his foot. I can’t read the text but …

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Colossal Media Painting a Brickad for Dewars in New York

Ghost Signs Live (Dewars)

Just came across this on Erniesmallz blog. It’s the team from Colossal Media at work on a creation for Dewars It’s great to see the painting live at such close range, someone has to film this next time! They are using very fine brushes to create a really detailed brickad, I wonder what the finished …

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Pepsi Brickad from Mumbai India

Pepsi Brickad (Mumbai)

Brickads are truly a global phenomenon. Here’s one for Pepsi, probably not that old, from Mumbai in India. It’s a slightly budget effort compared to some other modern signs.

Bates Salve Cures Woulds and Sores

Fading Signs

This sign on Sidmouth Street in Central London is an excellent example of palimpsest and also featured in Time Out’s original article on disappearing London. However, this particular photo offers a dramatic illustration of the effects of weathering on brickads. It can clearly be seen from the shadow cast by the sun that the top …

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Walldogs painting sign on wall for Barneys New York

Ghost Signs Live

Browsing Frank Jump‘s blog from USA I came across this great photo by Frank of some sign writer’s (Wall Dogs in USA) putting the finishing touches to a massive brickad. This is clearly for a current business (there’s a web address featured) and is part of the revival happening across the pond. There was also …

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Brymay John Bull ghostsign palimpsest

Brymay Palimpsest

I went to meet Sebastian Groes today as we’re doing a presentation at the University of Westminster next week. On my way there I passed this sign in Haringey, designed to be clearly visible from the train tracks. There are two signs fighting for attention, one from the classic blue and yellow Brymay Matches campaign …

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