Ghost Signs Book (Stage)

Ghost Signs William Stage book cover

I bought this book last year and was reading through it again today. Not only does it feature some great photos from around USA but it also has a superb level of depth of research into the production of signs, the people who painted them and the strategies employed by companies to ensure effectiveness and secure the best locations.

The author talks about how he had to time his photography of many shots so that the right level of sunlight was present at the right angle (e.g. in the morning around midsummer). He also uses lots of primary research with sign writers (“wall dogs”) and those that actually paid for the signs themselves.

I would highly recommend this book, although the price seems to have gone up a lot since I got my copy. I’ve just ordered a copy of ‘The Writing on the Wall‘ and will post my thoughts on this when it arrives. However, both this books are about USA, please let me know of any from UK, Europe or elsewhere.

Ghost Signs – Brick Wall Signs in America
W.M. Stage
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