22 Jul 2007

John Brown’s Whiskies

John Browns Whiskies Ghostsign Stoke Newington

Yesterday I hopped on the bike and went out to follow up some leads given to me by friends. On my way to the first sign, the great Spitalfields Gillette, I went past three or four in the same area that I hadn’t expected to see.  This is generally the nature of ‘hunting’, that new discoveries are found on the way to known locations.

My route took me through the City and over into Southwark and towards Waterloo. I’ve uploaded the new pictures onto my Flickr collection and will write about some of them in time. My personal favourite of the day was this find just round the corner from my house in Stoke Newington. It’s for John Brown’s Whiskies and was also a surprise find while on my way to see Fin Fahey’s Wall #10 in Stoke Newington.

My next mission will take me to Lambeth where I’m expecting to find many more as I’ve plotted locations on a map and there are lots clustered in this area. Look out for updates on my Flickr pages.

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