10 Jul 2007

Boots (Past & Present)

Photo: 2WArmy

Boots – Camden High Street.

While browsing some of the excellent Ghost Signs on Flickr I came across this picture by 2WArmy. I think it’s great compared to my photo so wanted to share it. Look at how the detail in the brick has come out and also the detail of the lettering.

Boots the Chemists Logo

Having another look at the sign I realised a couple of things. First is how little the logo has changed over the years (compare to the modern equivalent). All they’ve done is drop ‘The Chemists’ from the crossed ‘t’ and the tail on the ‘s’. I also wonder if the new metalic construction that covers part of the sign is the remains of a larger piece where a full size ‘Boots’ may have once lived above? You can see the remains of some fixtures/fittings that could have held this in place.

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