15 Sep 2013

The Mick McTiernan ‘Wall Paintings’ Collection

Hand-painted wall sign advertising Waits Butcher
Rugby, c.1985 (Photo: Mick McTiernan)

Mick McTiernan has sent me his collection of archival ghostsigns photography, and what a collection it is. (More in his Ghost Signs set.) Proving that fading advertising painted on walls has held people in fascination for many years, Mick dates some of his images to the mid 1980s.

Hand-painted wall sign advertising Empire Dancing
York, March 1985 (Photo: Mick McTiernan)

Lots of them I recognise from submissions to the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive, although often in better condition than they are now. Equally, I’m sure that lots aren’t around any more. Here are a few of my selected highlights and I’d be really interested if anyone can offer any background information about the one below which is currently labelled ‘Unknown’ in Mick’s collection…

Hand-painted wall sign advertising unknown brand
Unknown (Photo: Mick McTiernan)

Thanks Mick for sharing this fascinating collection, evidence of the enduring intrigue that ghostsigns present, and continue to present, in cities, towns and villages around the world.

Hand-painted wall sign advertising Goodwin's Flour Mill
Greenwich, c.1989 (Photo: Mick McTiernan)

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