Month: January 2008

Dewars by Frank Jump

© Frank H. Jump Those guys over at Colossal Media go from strength to strength, this their latest creation in the Dewars campaign, photographed by Frank Jump. See the short film about the campaign here.

Electric Lighting by Haine and Co

Save this sign…

  Ross sent me this photo which is of an old metallic sign that is currently free to take for anyone who has the necessary tools. His message follows: “It’s within plastic barriers for an excavation in the pavement but I pulled it out of a pile of rubble so I think it’ll get thrown …

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Living St Louis

This video from Jim Kirchherr from the Living St Louis series is a nice introduction to some of the signs from that city and touches on a number of the key aspect of the signs, their history and preservation. It also features a brief interview with William Stage, the athor of the most definitive book …

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