14 Nov 2007

Literary London Article (Part One)

Literary London Ghostsigns article

Sebastian Groes and I have been working on a Ghost Signs article in response to the presentation we gave at the annual Literary London Festival.  This looks broadly at the signs in the context of London and discusses what they symbolise and represent for the city. There are also some practical discussions about the techniques used to produce them, examples such as Peterkin, Hovis and Black Cat Cigarettes and then a debate as to the merits or otherwise of protection.

The article has now been published and can be read in full on the Literary London site. Thank you to Sebastian and the journal for all the help on this, it’s great to see output from the project gradually increasing. The recent press from here and abroad can be seen here.

In follow up to this there will be a second article (Part Two) by Sebastian which explores more deeply the interpretations of these signs and relates this to broader literary themes. This will come out in the next year or so and I’ll link through as soon as its published.

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