4 Apr 2008

Leicester Ghost Signs

Browsing some of the vast and ever growing collection of photos in the Flickr Ghost Signs pool I came across a nice collection taken by Amy Jane Barnes in Leicester. Here are three of my favourites.

Thank you to Amy for letting me feature them on the site and do visit her ongoing photo-a-day project called ‘For Want of a Better Name’ which also features at least one ghost sign.

Corner of Lorne Road and Avenue Road Extension
Parkinsons’ Pills by Amy Jane Barnes.

Famous since 1848, this one for Parkinsons’ Pills on the corner of Lorne Road and Avenue Road. Amy notes that Parkinsons were manufactuers of proprietary medicines based in Burnley, Lancashire”. I’m interested in the palimpsest in the top left corner where you can see a white on black ‘PILL’ and also the last two letters of a word in italics that probably formed the slogan ‘____ty Parkinsons’ Pills’. Any guesses for the missing word?

London Road, Leicester
Iron Jelloids by Amy Jane Barnes.

This one is just holding on for survival on London Road but what I like is the really distinctive type face used on the word Jelloids. Amy notes, “Iron Jelloids were a ‘tonic’ that would, according to advertisements, prevent ‘weakness’ and help with ‘nerves’. Popular during the inter-war years”. You can see the full format in this old 1920s press advertisement for the same brand [Link since expired].

Avenue Road Extension, Leicester
Chrysler by Amy Jane Barnes.

A car servicing firm on Avenue Road being promoted by highlighting their expertise for Chrysler, Lanchester and Daimler, three car manufacturers with close relationships that eventually merged to form what is now DaimlerChrysler. The sign writer on this production has taken the time to be true to the individual logos for each of these manufacturers. However, their efforts these days are likely to be scuppered by the new ‘no parking’ policy!

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