7 Aug 2007

Redferns (RIP?)

These great brickads were protected for many years by a couple of billboards, although they weren’t entirely covered.  This meant that some of the outer edges were lost to weathering, cleaning and sandblasting. I must have got lucky that Chris told me about them as when I went to get a better photo on Saturday I found the billboards back up and the signs lost again (see below).

I used the man in the red coat for my Christmas card last year and I believe he represents the Chelsea Pensioners, especially given the grey hair. Redfern Rubber was certainly around in the 1920s and 1930s but no longer exists.

What’s interesting now is that the wording of ‘Redfern’ on the lower sign will probably disappear, while the rest will be preserved.

So, not strictly an ‘RIP’, but a loss nonetheless.

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