23 Mar 2018

Ghostsigns of Clapham, a Forthcoming Walk

Following my talk to the Clapham Society last summer we are joining forces, with Roy Reed, to develop a walk exploring the many ghost signs visible on and around Clapham High Street. We are currently carrying out a mixture of archival and web-based research into the 11 locations chosen for the walk, and would welcome input from those that know about any of the featured signs ahead of the walk’s ‘debut’ in late September this year.

Following the map below are a series of photos by Roy Reed showing the signs of interest to us. Please use the comments below to share finding and useful links, or alternatively email sam@ghostsigns.co.uk.

Stop 1

United Dairies London Ltd, Pasteurized Bottled Milk Service, Our Service Your Safeguard, Bottling Depot, Valley Rd, Streatham. Also presence of another layer just visible in bottom right corner.

94 Landor Road, corner of Hubert Grove (Streetview)

Stop 2

Car Service Repair, …of Car Repairs, Electrical Repairs…

1 Landor Road (Streetview)

Stop 3

Money Lent … on Furniture, Pianos… Cash Supply Stores. Vegetables, Flowers, Plants.
Archival photo shows what remains as part of larger body of signage on the building group.

23 & 25 Clapham High Street (Streetview)

Stop 4

Gramophone, Records Etc, Largest Stock of Secondhand Music Rolls in London, the Music Roll Exchange.
Now gone, documented here, and here, and here.

29 Clapham High Street (Streetview)

Stop 5

…oes & Co
Revealed by billboard removal in 2017.

24 Clapham High Street (Streetview)

Stop 6

Gillette Shave

98 Clapham High Street (Streeview)

Stop 7

A.I. Jones & Co Ltd. Name not 100% confirmed, but this tobacconist would fit with what remains of the carved wood fascia.

6 Clapham Common South Side (Streetview)

Stop 8

H.G. Benwell (Ltd?) / Ribbans Eng. Co. Benwell were brush manufacturers

Stable House, Crescent Lane (Streetview)

Stop 9

Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd, Life Endowment, House Purchase, Fire, Accident, Burglary, Motor.

16 Clapham Common South Side, although business occupied building next door (Streetview)

Stop 10

Deane & Co. Chemists

17 The Pavement (Streetview)

Stop 11

Batten & Davies, Established In the Year 1750, The Sign of the Oldest Printers in South London, Printers, Telephone Macaulay 2505.

9 Bromell’s Road (Streetview)

Thank you to Roy Reed for the excellent photography and supporting visual materials research, including archival images that will feature on the walk proper. In the meantime, check out the other Ghostsigns Walks and tours app

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