28 Feb 2024

RIP: The Chronicle, High Street, Crewe

The former premises of The Chronicle newspaper in Crewe were once home to this bold ghost sign. However, it is no more. At some point between May 2017 and May 2018, it was painted over by a new advertisement for Lesley Ann Wittering’s (L.A.W.) yoga and pilates studio. RIP.

Painted sign on a brick gable end. It fills the full width of the wall, and about half its height, with an off-white background and black seriffed lettering that reads "The Chronicle, for News, for Ads, for You".
Ghost sign on the former premises of The Chronicle in Crewe. Photo: Alex Hoggarth.

One of the things that was curious about the sign was the marked level of fade on the second lowercase ‘r’. (This is one of three in total, noteworthy in their own right for their extended shoulders — the curved part on top — compared to the ‘f’ for example.) This was likely an oversight by the signwriter when applying the second coat of black to the letters, but perhaps there are other explanations…

Tight crop of part of the sign showing the word "You", and a portion of the letters above that.
Detail showing visible brushstrokes as the sign fades, and the advanced decay of one of the lowercase ‘r’. Photo: Alex Hoggarth.

The Chronicle

“The Chronicle, for News, for Ads, for You”

High Street, Crewe, CW2 [Streetviews 2017 and 2018]

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