2 Aug 2007

Gramophones Records (RIP)

Gramophones Records Music Roll Exchange Ghostsign Clapham

I am informed by sarflondondunc that this ghost sign has been erased.  It was just by Clapham North Station and I used it in my recent presentation as an example of a plain text sign which has been designed to fit around the available wall space. It was visible from both the nearby train line and the street. From an era when there must have been a secondhand ‘music roll’ market this was obviously the place to come to buy and sell.

It’s a shame it’s gone, see the picture below from sarflondondunc to see how it now looks. This again highlights the need for some of these old signs to be protected in case they are all destroyed by sandblasters and lost forever.

Former Gramophones Records Music Roll Exchange Ghostsign Clapham
Photo: sarflondondunc

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