Music Roll Exchange

Former Gramophones Records Music Roll Exchange Ghostsign Clapham

Lambeth Council

Following the recent painting over of the Clapham North ‘Music Rolls‘ sign, Ocky got in touch with Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall to ask her what Lambeth Council are doing to preserve this signs. The response from Michael Copeman, via Councillor Peck, was as follows: Dear Kate   Keith put exactly the same enquiry about …

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Ken Livingstone

Jose recently helped to pose a question, via Murad Qureshi, on Ghost Signs to London’s Mayor, Ken Livingstone. His question and Ken’s response are below. The Mayor makes reference to the ‘London Plan‘ and this would seem to be his suggestion in terms of protecting signs via local councils. `Ghost Signs’ in London, Question No: …

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Gramophones Records Music Roll Exchange Ghostsign Clapham

Gramophones Records (RIP)

I am informed by sarflondondunc that this ghost sign has been erased.  It was just by Clapham North Station and I used it in my recent presentation as an example of a plain text sign which has been designed to fit around the available wall space. It was visible from both the nearby train line …

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