11 Mar 2008

Ghost Signs Received (London)

Having been fairly busy over the last few months at work and on my course I’ve only been making the occasional posts of things that people have sent to me. What has resulted is a slight backlog of pictures and so these posts will pull these together along geographic lines (London, UK, Europe and USA).

All the pictures are creditted and thank you to everyone who has sent them to me. I’m always looking for new images, locations and bits of research so if you’d like to share your signs and stories just email them to me on ghostsigns at gmail dot com (you can work it out!).


So, here are some signs from London sent to me by Maureen, Petrus, Ralph, Ross and Tracey.

Marmal by Ross Corben

This is a well known sign that is highly visible at Notting Hill Gate. It is for Dundee Marmalade but some of it has been cut off due to a billboard protecting this surviving section from sand blasters and the elements etc. Some discussion can be found here.

S Errington by Petrus van der Westhuizen

This sign from Dulwich is in excelent condition and, given it is at street level, I am really surprised it hasn’t fallen victim to Grafitti. This is for a sole trader dealing in furniture and I love the style and typfaces used throughout. A great find!

Leather Market by Tracey Barber

This is a very petite sign from Leather Market in Bermondsey, which is where all the leather trade was centred in London. I didn’t see this one on a recent mission to South London but being so small it could be quite easily missed.

W Jelks by Ralph Lock

Although this isn’t a painted sign I had to feature it just for the typography on the company name. It is actually a mosaic sign, hence the excellent condition and this is a type of sign I am noticing more and more on my travels. Perhaps I’ll have to start a new venture on these and tiled signs…

Langley Drive by Maureen Gonsalves

This sign from Acton looks to be on a residential property which is unusual. This was probably once the home/office of the builder being advertised. It’s funny how the new window has been built since the sign was painted, removing this small part of the writing.

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