11 Mar 2008

Ghost Signs Received (USA)

Having been fairly busy over the last few months at work and on my course I’ve only been making the occasional posts of things that people have sent to me. What has resulted is a slight backlog of pictures and so these posts will pull these together along geographic lines (London, UK, Europe and USA).

All the pictures are creditted and thank you to everyone who has sent them to me. I’m always looking for new images, locations and bits of research so if you’d like to share your signs and stories just email them to me on ghostsigns at gmail dot com (you can work it out!).

So, first out the traps are some signs from New York, USA from Oli, Gabriel & Jodie.

Macys New York by Gabriel Heatwave
Macys by Gabriel & Jodie

This is the famous department store in NYC and this photo gives a real sense of the scale of the sign, at least nine stories high. USA and NYC in particular are spoiled with the number and size of their signs.

Hooray Beer! by Gabriel & Jodie

This looks more like a banner than a painted ad but you have the love the honest and untimately true headline ‘Hooray Beer!’.

Various Modern Brickads by Gabriel & Jodie

Again the scale from NYC is in evidence, this time four newly painted ads in one location, most likely from our friends at Colossal Media.

GTA4 by Oli Hodson

This one definitely the work of Colossal Media and part of a body of work produced for the GTA game.

As mentioned above the USA have more signs perhaps than any other country I know of (except perhaps France). New York for example has enough in the district of Manhatten alone to produce a whole bok dedicated to them. If you’d like to see more signs from the USA try these blogs and sites:

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