29 Sep 2013

Lewis & Skinner Exhibit Featuring Ghostsigns and Live Signwriting

Layout of painted sign on paper for Cabury Bournville Cocoa
Ivanhoe, R Knorr, 1955-02-09 (Lewis & Skinner Archive)

The Lewis & Skinner archive is a collection of materials relating to the work of a Melbourne signwriting company from the first half of the last century. These were fortuitously discovered by Dr Stefan Schutt last year and he has since been working to archive them. The result is this fabulous online display which includes archival photography and layouts such as the one above.

In addition to the online archive there is an exhibition of hard copy materials running from this Wednesday, 2nd October until Sunday, 6th October. During the exhibition there will be live signwriting demonstrations from local signwriter Tony Mead every lunchtime. Further, there will be an event on 6th October which will see Tony complete his work on a large-scale production of the Lewis & Skinner logo on a Melbourne wall (see flyer below).

I am obviously disappointed that I can’t make these events in person but I’m sure that Stefan will be documenting much of it on the Finding the Radio blog. There is also the fantastic online exhibit that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In summary, a brilliant project with some great outputs already in place and to look forward to.

[Aside: If you are looking for other lettering and signage events and exhibitions in Melbourne and beyond, have a look at the new Better Letters events page.]

Flyer for the Lewis & Skinner exhibitFlyer for launch event for the Lewis & Skinner exhibition

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