19 Jul 2009

Latest Locations & Some Missing

Mapping of Ghostsigns locations July 2009

Following the previous mapping of the archive postcodes, here’s an update representing the c.600 signs catalogued for the archive across the key categories being worked on.

There are also quite a few that are still waiting on location information, specifically street names and postcodes. These are listed below (alphabetical by county). If anyone can help with any of these please let me know via the comments to this post or make a comment on any of the pictures on Flickr. (PS. I’m marking off those that have been found.)

1. Cheshire, Wallasey

2. Cumbria
a) Barrow-in-Furness (FOUND)
b) Barrow-in-Furness (FOUND)

3. Ireland
a) Dublin
b) Cork [Update: Link no longer available]
c) Cork [Update: Link no longer available]

4. Kent
a) Gravesend (FOUND)
b) Sevenoaks (FOUND)
c) Sevenoaks (FOUND)

5. Lancashire,
Manchester (FOUND)

6. Leicestershire
a) Husbands Bosworth (FOUND)
b) Leicester (FOUND)
c) Somerby (FOUND)
d) Syston (FOUND)

7. Lincolnshire, Stamford (FOUND)

8. London
a) London
b) London (FOUND)
c) London

9. Midlothian, Edinburgh (FOUND)

10. Northamptonshire, Northampton

11. Shropshire
a) Ellesmere
b) Shrewsbury
c) Unknown

12. Somerset
a) Bath
b) Bath

13. South Yorkshire
a) Sheffield
b) Sheffield
c) Doncaster

14. Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds

15. West Sussex, Littlehampton (FOUND)

16. West Yorkshire
a) Leeds (FOUND)
b) Leeds
c) Bradford
d) Bradford
e) Dewsbury (FOUND)
f) Halifax
g) Halifax
h) Huddersfield

17. Wiltshire, Chippenham (FOUND)

18. Yorkshire
a) Unknown
b) Unknown

19. Unknown
a) Unknown
b) Unknown (FOUND)
c) Unknown (FOUND)
d) Unknown
e) Unknown
f) Unknown (FOUND)

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