Flook Ghostsigns screen shot

[Update: This application no longer exists.]

This free iPhone app now features ghostsigns in the form of geolocated photo cards.  My Flickr images have been used to test the app’s integration with the photosharing website and the results have been a success. By getting the app on your iPhone you can view and create photo cards of places all across the world (if, like me, you run off a much older and creaky model of phone then you can get a less localised experience via the community page of the website).

Once you create a card (automatically geolocated based on your GPS when you took the photo) you can then add information of historical or other significance and share with other users. The neat thing about what they’ve done with me is that I simply tag my photos in Flickr and it creates the cards based on the data that I’ve already added to my photos.

This starts to get somewhere towards my vision some time ago of creating a global mapping of ghostsigns (previous experiments have never quite nailed it). Anyway, get the app and if you’re interested in adding your own photos to the community then let me know and I can put you in touch with the guys at flook. Read a little more from them on their blog.