22 Apr 2024

A Halesworth Ghost Sign with a Celebrity Connection

The market town of Halesworth, Suffolk, is host to a ghost sign with a celebrity connection. Tucked away in a short tunnel off the Thoroughfare shopping street are faded letters that once advertised the Frost & Son ironmongery. That son then had a son himself: David, subsequently the television star Sir David Frost (1939–2013).

Brick wall in poor condition and with fading black letters in block lettering. Clearly visible at the largest size are "Frost & Son", while beneath, faded almost to illiegibility, is the word "Ironmongers".
The sign can be seen at the Thoroughfare end of the short arched tunnel that comes off the pedestrian shopping street.

A little further along, the ghost sign and this celebrity connection have been recognised with a historical plaque installed by the Halesworth Town Trail. (NB. The ‘flying’ William Frost linked on Open Plaques is almost certainly a different person.)

Circular green plaque with the "Halesworth Town Trail" arching over the top and "A Walk Through History" doing the same at the bottom. In the centre it says "William Frost. Former ironmonger's shop owned by William Frost, Grandfather of Sir David Frost".
The plaque celebrating the connection between the surviving ghost sign and the late television start Sir David Frost.
Portion of wall with the plaque and the ghost sign both visible.
The view from the plaque towards the ghost sign and the opening of the tunnel onto Thoroughfare.

Frost & Son

Frost & Son


Tunnel next door to 8 Thoroughfare, Halesworth IP19 [Streetview]

Photos courtesy of Wayne Tanswell.

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