31 Mar 2024

Handel in Aardappelen (Potato Dealer) in Delft

This ghost sign in Delft in The Netherlands once advertised the potato dealer (handel in aardappelen) G. van der Gaag. He was operating here from around 1923, when he took over the premises from A. van der Gaag, a ship’s skipper, and presumably his father. The business traded until G. van der Gaag’s death in the mid-1930s.

Fading painted sign on a brick building. It has a yellow background with most of the lettering in red set over it, and then a diagonal band of blue with some white lettering for the main word 'Aardappelen' in white. The the left of the sign is a manicule (pointing hand) illustration directing people to the street to the left of the sign.
The manicule (printer’s fist) is pointing away from the canal and presumably towards a door/trade entrance on Bleijswijckstraat.

The sign’s host building was recognised for its architecture in 2011, and more details of its occupancy over time are given here on a site dedicated to the street and its history.

Handel in Aardappelen (Potato Dealer)

Handel in Aardappelen, in’t

Groot en Klein (retail and wholesale)

No. 3

G.v.d. Gaag

Buitenwatersloot 165, Delft, with the sign facing Bleijswijckstraat [Streetview]

Photo by David Quay, with thanks to Florian Hardwig and Robbie for the translation and research.

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