Individual Signs

Blog posts about particular ghostsigns, including those which have been lost (RIPs), repainted or where some general research has been done about the sign.

Illustrated sign revealed in New York

Childrens Hairdressers revealed in Greenwich Village

This sign was discovered here on the Greenwich Village Daily Photo blog.  It is a recent reveal soon to be covered up again, fittingly described by Ken Mac as “reverting to its time capsule status”.  This development has also been picked up on Frank Jump’s Fading Ad blog and Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York blog.

(P)Imp and the Herbrand Street ‘Mural’ from @nycsouthpaw

I’ve just started watching Game of Thrones (highly addictive) so can appreciate this new piece of street art now covering part of the Herbrand Street ‘Mural’.  Does anyone know anything about the artist and the reaction of the locals which was quite hostile the last time..? PS. Does the Imp remind anyone else of Eddy Izzard …

(P)Imp and the Herbrand Street ‘Mural’ from @nycsouthpaw Read More »

Phil Bunford Tweet for Ghostsigns treasure hunt

Ghostsigns treasure hunt, can you help find these elusive specimens? (via @phillybunf and @LpoolGhostSigns)

Phil Bunford, one of the authors of the forthcoming Liverpool Ghostsigns book is on the hunt for some long lost ghostsigns.  Can you help with pictures or background information for either of these UK locations? 1 Gidlow Lane, Wigan, WN6 239 Dudley Rd, Birmingham, B18 (PS. There probably isn’t a prize for this treasure hunt, just the …

Ghostsigns treasure hunt, can you help find these elusive specimens? (via @phillybunf and @LpoolGhostSigns) Read More »

Stella Artois vs Newcastle Brown Ale

Nice fun poking in New York (via Sell Sell).  In Stella’s defence they did do one of the more impressive pieces of modern hand painted work in that city.  That said, chalice does seem a little poncy and I’ll stick to calling a glass a glass.