22 Apr 2012

Uncertain future for the ‘Polo Tower’ in Morcombe (via @willsh)

I’d never seen this unique piece of hand painted advertising until I came across the picture and dim appraisal of the town on John’s blog.  I’m pretty sure it must be hand painted but correct me if I’m wrong.  Regardless, a bizarre contractual situation has ensured its survival to this day, despite the closure of its host theme park ‘Frontierland’, but 2013 may bring an end to its existence:

“The Polo Tower was the last major investment at Frontierland, however fans of the park believe that Geoffrey Thompson had no intention of shutting the park down, as in 1993, with the installation of thePolo Tower, Geoffrey Thompson signed a contract allowing a telephone mast to be placed at the top of the tower – this contract allowed the company to have their telephone mast on the tower for twenty years meaning that the Polo Tower cannot be taken down until the contract has expired resulting in a possible removal of the tower in 2013.”

See Wikipedia for more.

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