23 Nov 2018

Introducing the Pre-Vinylite Society Journal

There is one week left to back the printing of a brand new publication that will be of interest to all those interested in hand-painted signs (old and new), art, design, architecture, and the intersections of all these. One of the articles inside will be the first of my planned ‘Lettering Locations’ series, featuring the wonderful Schildermalermuseum (Sign Painting Museum) in Vienna.

19th Century self-promotional piece for Arnold Samuel, sign painter, from Vienna’s Schildermalermuseum (Sign Painting Museum)

The Pre-Vinylite Society Journal is the latest initiative from Best Dressed Signs‘ Meredith Kasabian and Josh Luke, whose work has featured previously on the blog, including the Grand Exhibition and thoughts on ‘faux’ ghost signs, later expanded in the book.

Below you can see the contents page for the journal, which is all written, designed and ready to print once the Kickstarter hits its target. Please pledge your support and get a copy of this exciting publication, alongside plenty of other supporter rewards.

Contents page of the Pre-Vinylite Society Journal: Issue 1
Interview with artist Scott Listfield by Meredith Kasabian
Pre-Vinylite Society Journal cover

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