29 Apr 2017

Fading Ads of Gloucester by Chris West

Fading Ads of Gloucester extends the current series from the History Press in the UK, USA, and Ireland. The material has been researched and gathered by Chris West, graphic designer for the publisher.

The format of the titles in the series varies but this one opts for some very brief introductory comments, before moving into sections based on particular locations in the city. Just over 70 businesses and organisations are featured, with over 150 photos used to document their surviving signage. Brief historical notes are then added and, in some cases, archival and contextual photos and images are provided.

The book takes its scope of material beyond the ‘fading ads’ suggested by the title, and includes a wide range of sign formats beyond those of the fading painted variety. However, there should be enough material to keep the ‘purist’ happy. (See What is a Ghost Sign? which cites this and other books in terms of their contribution towards interpretations of some of the terminology surrounding ghost signs and fading ads.)

The book will be of most interest to those with a connection to the city and its history, or those that have already acquired William Stage’s book, and perhaps some of the other literature on the subject. But it from: Amazon UK; AbeBooks UK; AbeBooks USA.

Talbot’s Bottlers (Gloucester) Ltd, Wholesale Beer Bottlers, Ladybellgate Street, Gloucester. Photo: Chris West.
Lea & Co. Furnishers, St Aldate Street/Northgate Street. Photo: Chris West.
G. & W.E. Downing Maltsters, Merchants Road, Gloucester. Photo: Chris West.
Gloucester Co-operative and Industrial Society. Photo: Chris West.
Fading Ads of Gloucester by Chris West, cover.

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