29 Apr 2014

Time Travel with Google Streetview

Partial remains of fading painted sign on a brick wall advertising Daren Bread

This fragment of a ghostsign for Daren Bread in Stoke Newington is one of the stops on my walking tour in the area. Now, thanks to Google Streetview’s new ‘timelapse’ feature, we are able to visit the location as it was in 2008, prior to the removal of the mounted sign for Lemongrass. This clearly shows how the mounted sign protected the old painted sign against the weathering and cleaning that other portions of the wall were subjected to.

Google streetview showing mounted sign for Lemongrass covering a ghostsign

From memory the sign came down in around 2009. At least I know it was before September 2010 and after the date of this 2008 streetview capture. Now it is fully exposed I wonder whether the next iteration of streetview will show us how the sign has deteriorated since this…

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