22 Jul 2012

Following Ghostsigns and a New Mailing List

Painted illustration of a computer with a picture of hands shaking on the monitor

I’ve just set up a new mailing list for Ghostsigns as part of the overall update to the site. You can sign up here or by entering your email address in the side panel to the right. This mailing list will be used to send out occasional emails and perhaps a newsletter in the future. If you want something a little more often then all new posts to this blog are available via email. You can also subscribe to these in the panel to the right.

There are a number of alternative ways of following the content from this blog and other discoveries from the world of Ghostsigns, as listed below. I hope that this flexibility will allow you to keep in touch with the site in a way that suits you and, as always, feedback and suggestions welcomed. My email is sam@ghostsigns.co.uk and my phone numbers are listed on the contact page.

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