31 Jan 2012

HAT Archive: January 2012 Additions

A number of new additions have been made to the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive.  Some of these are new photos of signs already covered in the archive but many are completely new material for the collection.  Here are a handful of my favourite new additions, the rest can be found by searching for Jan 2012 on the gallery homepage.

Hand painted sign on building for W.E.Baxter Ltd Printers Bookbinders Stationers
Photo: Michael Rank
Hand painted advertisement on building for Richards Builders
Photo: Catherine Phelps
Hand painted sign on building for Thompsons Mineral Water
Photo: Richard Turner
Hand painted sign around a window on a wall for Dunlops
Photo: Vicky Chesterman
Hand painted sign on building for the Royal Oak Inn
Photo: Rachael Creaton


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