12 Jul 2010


Ghostsigns have recently popped up a couple of times in trails I’ve come across. These build on my recent type tour and a post about Jo Tomkins’ Stoke Newington Ghostsigns Walk.

Battersea Heritage Trail booklet cover

First up are the Battersea Heritage Trails, a neat little 64-page A6 booklet detailing a series of seven trails around the area. This has been produced by Wandsworth Council and, on page 51, as part of the St John’s Hill Trail, we are treated to a photo and some background on the famous Peterkin sign.

Next is a neat little project designed to coincide with the 2010 London Festival of Architecture. It is called the Design Detail Trail and they’ve produced a series of five maps highlighting many and various pieces of design in the public space that might otherwise be overlooked. Some of these are Ghostsigns and there is an invitation to contribute more to the project. Each of the maps are downloadable as a pdf allowing you to set out on your own little guided tour of areas in central London. [Project links since expired.]

All in all more nice work from different places. I’m still looking for help on my own attempt to do this, perhaps building up from a more local level like this is the way forward…

[Update: See more tours and trails here.]

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