26 Jun 2010

Ghostsigns Worldwide

Ghostsigns Worldwide inspiration

Imagine a map like this plotting examples of hand painted advertising from across the world…

(Image from Panoramio)

I’ve been doing some thinking about the project and how we can move it to have global reach in a quick and collaborative way.

This is new territory for me and I’m looking for ideas, help, advice and volunteers to make it happen.

To begin the process I’ve set up a Wiki which outlines some of my initial thoughts with a view to building on these and provoking a discussion around how it can be done. Please visit it here.

If this comes off then I think it will a fantastic extension to the great work that has been done in the UK and will help to pull together the currently disperate efforts of hundreds of enthusiasts across the world. The information is all out there, it’s just a case of pulling it all together in one place.

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