22 Oct 2009

Trades & Hospitality

I’ve been a little tied up with changing jobs and planning a wedding but am now back to blogging and pushing the archive forwards again. First up is the final montage in the current series, this time celebrating signs from two categories, Trades, Builders, Plumbers, Handymen and Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants.  These have been combined under the title ‘Trades & Hospitality’.

If you’d like to see more images then check out the Flickr group being used to set up the archive. Also, for those who have contributed images to the Flickr group but who haven’t completed the form, please fill it out and send over to the History of Advertising Trust so that we can add you pictures to the final archive.

Here is the full set of montages created for the project, enjoy!

  1. Booze & Fags
  2. Food & Drink
  3. Shoes & Clothing
  4. Travel & Transport
  5. Household & Furniture
  6. Services & Financial
  7. Chemists & Health
  8. Odds & Sods
  9. Media & Shops
  10. Trades & Hospitality

And a couple more just in case that’s not enough…

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