17 Jun 2008


Photo Opportunity in Ultrabold, journal of St Bride Library, Spring 2008.

Simon got in touch a while back asking if I could write a short piece for the Ultrabold magazine, the quarterly journal of St Bride Library.

This is a specialist library and archive of print, graphic design, typography and more in Fleet Street. (Which reminds me that my visit is now well overdue!)

The outcome is the piece above which you can click on to see enlarged. It focuses on the Music roll Exchange sign from Clapham which I did an RIP for some time ago. I think this classic sign has become somewhat symbolic of the struggle to save ghost signs from developers and billboards and London Tonight did a nice merging of my two photos when they ran their feature last year.

There may be a follow up article in a future issue of Ultrabold , this time slightly longer and going into a bit more depth. I’ll certainly feature it if this happenes. However, in the meantime, thank you Simon for ‘commissioning’ the piece and for your support of the project. If you are interested in supporting St Brides’ work or subscribing to the Ultrabold journal then get in touch.

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