26 Apr 2008

Bovril Update

Bovril, Redhill by Alex Hunter

Alex sent me this photo of the remnants of a Bovril sign in the Redhill area. In much the same way as the Ekco sign that Duncan sent me, this sign appears to have been revealed during some recent construction work involving the demolition of the adjacent building or extension.

This is a huge factor in the quality of preservation of what remains. Interestingly the left and right edges have been lost by being painted over (see another example of survival by covering up). This is perhaps the most ‘sophisticated’ production of the Bovril logo I’ve seen but, again, is noteworthy for its lack of consistency versus other specimens across the country.

Alex usefully adds some background information suggesting that this sign was one example of the local influence of the Walker family, managing the brand:

“Andrew Walker, the MD of Bovril Ltd from 1896-1913 (his son Douglas Walker then took over his role) lived only 4 miles away from Redhill, in Merstham House. His family later moved to Reigate but would still have been within a few miles of this ad when it was put on this row of shops on Station Road, Redhill.”

Thank you Alex for sending through the sign, Bovril now vying with Gillette for most prolific survivors from the era of painted wall advertising!

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