16 Oct 2007

Brickads Live (GTA)

nicknormal has taken a great series of shots in New York of Colossal Media producing their latest creation for the new Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game. A few are below but you can see them all in a slideshow giving a real sense of the progress between 6th and 15th October.

The guys are hooked up to safety wires as they roam around the gantry and it looks like the stages were: white washing over the previous GTA sign; applying the type; adding the illustration and background to the left side of the sign; finishing the girl’s face; completing the illustration and background on the right side. There’s still a little to be done as I write, although perhaps only a day or two left until completion. Also, note the yellow and red colossal media logo painted on underneath the sign, just like ClearChannel or JC Decaux mark up their billboard locations in the UK.

And the finished piece!

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