Emmanuel Nouaillier

Berchowitz faux ghostsign from British Columbia by John Schrantz

Faux ghostsigns

Sometimes hand painted signs on buildings are created to look old and weathered intentionally.  The example pictured (original photo on Flickr) was produced in 2003 for the Disney film, ‘Miracle’.  (Does anyone have a clip showing where and how it features in the film?)  Another Disney example is this sign for the ‘New Orleans Trading …

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Péril en la demeure

Emmanuel Nouaillier Update

Just under a year ago I featured the work of Emmanuel Nouaillier whose artistic treatment of the ghostsigns in his native France is fascinating.  It’s worth having a read of this site to understand some of the meticulous technique that goes into producing his work. Emmanuel describes the final print output as, “a mix between sculpture, …

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Emmanuel Nouaillier

Black & white piece featuring traditional French shop fronts One of the best things that has happened since setting up this blog is people sending me Ghost Sign related materials from around the world. The most interesting of these are when the signs have been used as a springboard for artistic and other creative activities. …

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