Close up of portion of Hackney Peace Mural in Dalston, London

Mural walks in Brixton and East London

The London Mural Preservation Society has organised two walking tours showcasing some of London’s most iconic murals.  Check the PDFs below for full details and contact information for the society. East London Line Mural Walk, Saturday 30th June (download PDF with details of East London Line Mural Walk) Brixton Mural Walk, Sunday, 15th July (download PDF with details …

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Flook Ghostsigns screen shot


[Update: This application no longer exists.] This free iPhone app now features ghostsigns in the form of geolocated photo cards.  My Flickr images have been used to test the app’s integration with the photosharing website and the results have been a success. By getting the app on your iPhone you can view and create photo …

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Ritual Project Stella Artois Close Up

Ritual Project Update

The project is into its final few days and there are some interesting snippets of the painters at work, both close up and in time lapse. Here are a few highlights, more here and here. I’d personally like to see some longer clips with perhaps some discussion from the painters about the techniques employed. I …

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Colossal Media Advertisement New York Gentrification

Colossal Media & Gentrification

Picked this up over on psfk where they reckon this is an ad for Colossal Media. The observations on gentrification could easily apply in London and perhaps many other cities around the world.

Herbrand Street Mural Detail

Herbrand Street ‘Mural’

Biking home along the now congested cycle lanes in Bloomsbury I couldn’t help noticing this huge mural on the side of the terrace at the corner of Herbrand Street and Tavistock Place. I went back to it the next day with my camera and took these pictures. At the same time I went up to …

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