4 Jan 2021

Ghost Signs & Light Capsules in Winnipeg

Writing on the Wall by Handcraft Creative

The Exchange District in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is perhaps unique in the world for the relative density and quality of its ghost signs. These are the focus of Writing On The Wall, a short documentary by film-makers Handcraft Creative.

At the heart of the narrative is Craig Winslow’s spectacular illumination of a small selection of the 150+ signs over one night, part of his wider Light Capsules initiative. This is accompanied by Matt Cohen‘s insights into the evolution of the area, providing historical context to the signs themselves. Finally, two different generations of sign painters give their thoughts on the trade, it’s past, present and future.

There’s a lot packed into the 34m run time and I recommend a viewing to all. Thank you to Raymond Friesen and the team at Handcraft Creative for kindly sharing the film, and allowing our screenings ahead of this online release.

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