27 Dec 2016

Advertising & Public Memory: Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives on Ghost Signs

Advertising & Public Memory is the first scholarly book focused on ghostsigns. It was a labour of love across much of 2015, work that included editing others’ work, as well as contributing to some of the writing inside, notably an attempt to answer the question ‘What is a Ghost Sign’ (Chapter 2).

After submitting the final manuscript in January this year, the book is now out, with 2017 given as the official publication date. Across a series of 22 papers, authors from around the world tackle the topic of ghostsigns from a variety of perspectives (see a full list of all chapters and authors on this general information page).

The book is available in both hardback and ebook formats from the following outlets: Amazon UK; Abebooks UK; Abebooks USA; Routledge. You can also read the first chapter and a half via the preview below, and dip into other parts of the book via Google Books.

Across 2017 I will be sharing a series of extracts from each of the papers in the book, these can be viewed via this gallery on Facebook, or by following the #AdvertisingPublicMemory tag on Twitter. There are also plans for a couple of events in June to bring authors and those interested in the book’s content together. Details of these will be announced here via the blog, and the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you to all the authors that contributed to the book: Amy Barnes; David Bernstein; Joost Caen; Laura Carletti; Leisa Clements; Robert Crawford; Janice Denegri-Knott; Yvette Williams Elliott; Caroline E. M. Hodges; Veerle De Houwer; Colin Hyde; Rachel Jackson; Meredith Kasabian; Azucena del Carmen Cabezas León; Antonina Lewis; Anthony W. Love; Geraldine Marshall; Tony Mead; Dominic Medway; Cristina Nualart; Gerardo Papalia; Robert Pascoe; Klara Peeters; Sam Roberts (editor); Stefan Schutt (editor); Sarah De Smedt; David S Waller; Helen J Waller; Gary Warnaby; Leanne White (editor); Marie Wong; Kirsten Wright

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