24 Sep 2014

Red Hackle: Scotland’s Best Whisky

Sign for Red Hackle Whisky in 1960s photograph
Photo: James H / Urban Glasgow

Derek sent me a link to this discussion about lost streets on Urban Glasgow because he spotted the prominent Red Hackle Whisky sign in this photograph. The picture is from the 1960s and was taken on Holmhead Street, now known as Cunningham Street.

The brand is no longer with us but evidence of it still survives in the form of this ghostsign (below) on Otago Street. It depicts the bottle, but appears to have a different slogan to the archival. The 1960s photo clearly reads, ‘Scotland’s Best Whisky’, as well as details of the royal warrant to supply the Queen.

Does anyone know of any other ghostsigns for this lost whisky brand, and what the slogan in the image below could be?

Painted sign for Red Hackle Whisky fading and cracking on a wall
Photo: Darren Robertson / History of Advertising Trust

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