10 Sep 2014

Ghostsigns of Rochester

Fading sign on wall with letters RO visible

Last weekend I attended ‘What the Dickens’, a Letterheads event in Rochester, Kent. You can read more about it, alongside 50 or so photos here. I spent most of the weekend indoors, either in the Corn Exchange at the event, or in pubs in the evening. However, on my walk from the station I did spot a handful of ghostsigns along and just off Rochester High Street. Interestingly the majority appear to be for furniture and removals firms. Here there are, starting with one that might not qualify as a ghost just yet because the butchers are still in business on these premises…

Fading sign on wall for Capons Butchers
Fading sign on wall for a furniture/removals company

I can’t remember exactly, but I think the next picture is the opposing wall to the one above which would suggest they belong to the same company, using each end of their building for advertising.

Fading sign on wall for a furniture/removals company

Any help in deciphering the next one would be much appreciated. All I’ve been able to make out so far is the word ‘Skipper’…

Fading sign on wall with word 'Skipper' visible
Fading sign on wall for Pickfords Removals

While I was at the event I gave a talk on ghostsigns to lots of the signwriters there. Afterwards I got sent this beauty from Pinner Road, Bushey, by Danny Mitchell. Obviously not in Rochester, but included here because I received it as a result of my trip.

Photo: Danny Mitchell

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