1 Dec 2013

Mirrored Ghostsign from Portland, Oregon

Clipping from Letterheads magazine showing Coca-Cola ghostsign in negative
Photo: Lee Littlewood (published in Letterheads, 3.1, p.10)

Following the talk at St Bride, a chain of events led to Ash at Brilliant Signs, via Stewart at McLaren Signs, sending me a copy of Letterheads Magazine from 1998. I’d expressed an interest because of the big centre spread showing lots of ghostsigns.

However, on page 10 was something even better, namely this amazing picture from Lee Littlewood of Better Letters in Portland Oregon. It’s the first time I’ve ever come across a mirrored/reverse ghostsign, in this case for Coca-Cola. The text on the clipping explains exactly how this came to be, a chain of events that is unlikely to be repeated again.

Brilliant stuff, thanks to all involved in getting this to me!


  • The slogan ‘Relieves Fatigue, Sold Everywhere’ dates the original sign to around 1907
  • Clipping taken from Letterheads, 1998, Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 10
  • More Coca-Cola on Ghostsigns

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