4 Aug 2013

Wonderful lettering and language at heart of Fleetwood restoration project

Archive photo of tobacco shop with traditional original signage
Photo: Albert Dewhirst / Fleetwood Museum Trust

An effort is underway to repaint the fading remains of this fantastic example of shop fascia lettering in Fleetwood. I love the language, “Bacca Shoppee” in particular, and the repetition of the core offering across all elements of the shop front. It is interesting to note that the wooden frames are also painted. They can be seen fading in the ‘now’ picture on this article about the restoration project on the Visit Fleetwood site.

While restoration projects are regularly turning up in the USA, this is a less common example from the UK. It’ll add to those featured in my ‘Fresh Lick of Paint’ article from a couple of years back and other highlighted restoration projects here on the blog. If anyone has any updates on the progress, or otherwise, of the project then please let me know via the comments below or contact me directly.

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