17 Oct 2012

Montreal ghostsigns book

Fading hand-painted sign for Sewing Silk on Montreal wall
Photo: Michel Niquette

I’ve just learned of a new book that has been published all about Montreal’s ghostsigns in Canada. It looks to be a fascinating addition to the literature, especially as it juxtaposes faded signs with archive photos of them when the paint was a lot fresher.

It is the personal project of Réjane Bougé who, in this article profiling the book ‘Sur les murs d’un Montréal qui s’efface’, observes that many of these signs are in English when now there are laws that everything must be bilingual. There are also signs produced in both languages which is something that I haven’t come across before.

Sadly the book itself is only in French but I’ll be looking for a copy nonetheless. At the moment I can only find it on the Amazon Canada site.

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