4 Aug 2012

Sample pages from ‘Hand Painted Signs of Kratie’ book

A Khmer letter painted in different ways

Here are some sample pages from my forthcoming book, ‘Hand Painted Signs of Kratie’. It is a study of the hand painted form in a small provincial capital in North East Cambodia, currently my home. (Read more blog posts about hand painted signs in Cambodia.)

The book is set to be about 100 pages long and is due for publication in October this year. Most of the picture layouts are now complete and I am currently working with a local signpainter who is creating a hand painted design for the front cover.

This weekend my focus is on the text to accompany the images. This will consist of a series of translations for the signs alongside an introductory essay discussing what insights they offer into Cambodia and the people of this country.

Creating the book has been a challenging and fun experience, and one that has taught me a lot. More news to follow in the Autumn…

Different forms of hand painted signs in Cambodia

Hand painted motobikes from signs in Kratie

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