31 Jul 2012

The International Walldog Mural & Sign Art Museum

Walldog is the nickname given to those that once roamed the USA painting signs and slogans on brick walls, roadside barns and any other surface capable of providing a canvass for their advertising art. The International Walldog Mural & Sign Art Museum is a celebration of their work, located in Pontiac, Illinois, The city also houses a Hall of Fame dedicated to the famous Route 66 which had its fair share of handpainted signs directed at motorists. These Route 66 signs are covered in this tour from the museum.

In a contemporary twist on the Walldogs of old, there is currently a movement in parts of the USA by these artists to hosts events in cities which restore ghostsigns and create community murals. The Walldogs are available for hire, and I currently have their DVD on order so a review of this will be posted soon once it makes it’s way from the USA to Cambodia via London. In the meantime you can watch some of the video clips of their work on their website (scroll to bottom).

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